Fun and Friendy Exercise Classes


Exercise classes that are suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.

CHARLOTTE'S BACKGROUND  My involvement with FLexercise started at a very young age due to my mother being a FLexecise. I trained at the tender age of 16 (qualifying in 1992) and I have been teaching classes ever since.  Having moved to Taunton in 2009, I opened classes in Somerset in 2010.

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In April 2011, I qualified as a Zumba instructor, and started a class in May 2011. To find out more about Zumba visit the website

In September 2013, I qualified as a FitSteps instructor. Classes started in October 2013. See the calendar for details. To find out more about FitSteps visit the website 

In December 2014, I qualified as a Clubbercise Instructor. To find out more about Clubbercise, go to

 A BRIEF HISTORY OF FLexercise. FLexercise was founded in 1930 as The Women's League of Health and Beauty, and it is still going strong! Recognised nationally as a pioneer and leader in the fitness industry, we have developed a longstanding professional reputation that has set the standard for many other exercise, movement and dance programmes offerered today. We have survived the fashionable trends over the years and still offer what is needed for a happier, healthier life.

FLexercise classes are found mostly in local community, church and school halls. Convenient and non-competitive, they bring the benefits of both exercise and socialising to your neighbourhood. We treat our members as individuals and while encouraging you to exercise correctly, the atmosphere is light-hearted and relaxed.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands and good company.